Mission Statement

 Article    I:   NAME

                   The name of the Church as originally incorporated on August 26, 1916 has been The

 Union Protestant Church of Brunswick Gardens, Old Bridge, Madison Township, Middlesex County,

 New Jersey. The Church was also known as the Brunswick Gardens Union Church or Chapel. 


                    This Church is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, Bible Believing, Christ centered

 local expression of evangelical Christianity and such, has become affiliated with the fellowship

 of similar church congregations and missionary endeavor known as the Gospel Mission Corps, INC

 and the American Rescue Workers (June 1980).


                     The aim and purpose of this church include the worship of Almighty God, the 

 preaching and teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Bible. The upbuilding of

 the Kingdom of God and the Salvation of souls both in Brunswick Gardens section of Old Bridge

 and wherever  else in the earth opportunities open to us to witness for the Lord and to share in

 the outreach of the Gospel and the Support of God's servants on other mission fields at home and

 abroad, in the immediate and surrounding community and to the far corners of the world.

 Article   IV: DOCTRINE

                 A. The congregation acknowledges the Holy Scriptures as the revealed Word of God,

 consisting of the Old and New Testaments, inspired of God and inerrant in the original writings.

 We believe therefore that the Bible is the only necessary, sufficient, infallible rule and standard of

 Faith and practice, accept such as our supreme and final authority for our doctrine and life. 

 (II Timothy 2:16-17;  II Peter 1:19-21)

              B. We believe there is only One Living and True Almighty God, Eternally existing in 

 Thee Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the same in substance and equal in Power and Glory;

 thus we acknowledge the Unity and Trinity of the Godhead. (Matt 28:19  Cor 13:14  John 5:7)

                 C. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only Begotten Son of God and that

 he was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary; that He is True God and 

 True Man and such He lived the Perfect, Sinless Life. We recognize Jesus Christ as the Promised

 Messiah ant the Only Mediator between God and mankind. (Isa 7:4 & 9:6  John 1:1-2, 14 & 41

 I Tim 2:5)

                 D. We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ died on a Cross at Calvary for our sins. 

 according to the Scriptures, as a Representative and Substitutionary  Sacrifice and that all who

 repent of their sins and from the heart believe on Him thus receiving Him by Faith as a 

 personal Saviour are thereby justified on the grounds of His own shed blood, biblically speaking

 this includes regeneration by the Holy Spirit, redemption from sin, conversion to Christ, being

 saved by His Grace and is what Jesus called being "born again". (John 1:12, 3:3 & 7; 

 Acts 16:30-31; 20:21 & 28; Rom 5:8-9)

                 E. We believe in the literal resurrection of the crucified body of our Lord, in His 

 ascension to Heaven, in His presence there as our High Priest and Advocate. The only 

 Mediator between God and man and we anticipate the visible return of Christ to gather His

 saved and sanctified people -- His Church -- eternally unto Himself. This is known as the

 "rapture". We recognize that the Bible teachers that Heaven in the place Christ is preparing

 for the home of the redeemed, and that those who are lost and persist in rejecting the 

 gracious salvation that Christ freely offers, will inevitably find that their continued state of lost 

 will lead to eternity without God known as Hell. (John 14:1-6; Acts 1:9-11; I Tim 2:3-6;

 Rev 22:7, 11-15, 17 & 20)

                 F.We believe in the vital ministry of the Holy Spirit, convicting of sin, applying

 the Blood of Christ to the repentant sinner, instructing the humble heart and mind in the 

 truth of the Word of God. Leading and guiding the believer according to God's Will for

 his or her life, cleansing the heart, indwelling all Christians and filling the temple of the 

 life that is completely surrendered and consecrated to the Lord. We recognize that the

 Bible teaches and God has provided by the sufficiency of His grace that those whom Jesus

 justifies, He is also to sanctify those who are saved are called unto holiness. That the full

 Gospel commands and makes available the privilege of being born of the Spirit and baptized

 by the Spirit. May we all know, not in theory only, but in reality, personal death to sin and self, and

 victorious abundant life in Christ here and now. (John 14:16-17, 26; 15:26; 16:7-14; Acts 1:4-5,

 & 8; 9:17; 11:16-17 & 24; IIThess. 4:3, 7-8).

                 G. We believe in the necessity of such a relationship with God and in the reality of

 communication between Him and His children through the means of worship,k prayer, praise, 

 fellowship, and the study and meditation of the Scriptures. The importance of prayer and the use 

 of the bible must have significant prominence in our personal and family life and in the entire

 program of the church. We find both precept and example the vitality of such in the lives of God's

 servants in the Old and New Testaments, throughout the history of Christianity in all ages, and

 particularly in the perfect life of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Himself. (Matt. 4:10; 6:5-15;

 Luke 4:4; 18:1; 19:46; IIThess. 5:17).

 Article     V:  MEMBERSHIP

                   Any Bible-believing Christian may become a member of this church; salvation by

 faith in Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior is the basic requirment for membership in the

 family of God, and therefore, of necessity as being a member of this local congregation of the

 redeemed. Nevertheless, it is understood that anyone is welcome to attend the public services

 conducted by the church. However, believers who are a regular part of the assembly shall be 

 encouraged to identify themselves as active consitituents of the church, and believers who,

 because of old-age, illness, or some other legitimate reasons, or who may be serving on some 

 distant missionary field, but who are in some definite way connected with this congregation, shall

 be considered as important adjuncts of the church. Applicants for regular and full membership

 should declare their intentions before the church assembled; recommendation to the congregation,

 or by re-affirmation of faith, as well as by first-time conversion and believer's baptism, new 

 members will be required to attend at least one of the weekly services. failure to abide by this ruling,

 such member will forfiet their voting rights and be placed on the inactive list.

                     Duties of members shall include the following:

                     1. They shall lead a Christian life and live in charity, humility and peace, endeavoring

 to edify one another in our holy faith, through admonition, consultation, and encouragement. they

 shall promote the unity and welfare of the congregation.

                     2. They shall diligently and prayerfully read and study the Word of God, keep the 

 Lord's Day holy, regularly and reverently attend the public services and meetings of the church, and

 also practice private and family worship--this that they may themselves grow in grace, and that 

 the Kingdom of God may be advanced and His holy name glorified.

                     3. It shall further be the duty of members, particularly all parents, to provide for the

 Christian education and training of the children and youth.

                     4. It shall further be the duty of every member to contribute according to his or her

 ability to the support of the church and to other necessary objects of Christian work, at home or


                     5.If a member neglects any of the above duties, it shall be the duty of the pastor,

 deacons, and/or other officers to give timely warning and admonition. If any member thus warned

 and admonished shall persist in willfully absenting himself or herself from, or despising the public

 services, or neglects the Christian education of his or her children, and disregards the other 

 scriptural requirements of this document, such a one shall find his or here membership status in 

 jeopardy. After due process with biblical discipline, if repentance and readjustment are not the

 result, the person shall not be permitted to remain as a member. A person thus excluded shall have

 his or her name removed from the membership list and shall thereby lose the rights and privileges of 

 membership in the organization. nevertheless, all efforts should be patiently and consistently used

 to bring about restoration if possible, and anyone who has been excluded from actual membership,

 shall not be discouraged or forbidden from attending the Gospel meetings.









                                   Mission Statement will be posted soon.

                                     Still have a lot more to do on the site. 



 Our job as a Church is to equip the body with all of the

 tools that they would need to effectively reach the lost

 in the mission field and send them out to a lost and

 dying World to preach the Good News. To proclaim

 that Salvation has come to those who ask for it in the

 Name of Jesus Christ.